Marketing Your Business

Tuk Tuk research has shown an effective tuk tuk sign can impact 200 potential views per minute x 60 mins. per hour = 12,000 per hour or 144,000 per day (hours between 7 AM and 7 PM).

That’s 4.4 Million views per month!

Our team strategically helps you pick Tuk Tuk drives that are relevant to your business.  We help you place your signs on Tuk Tuks that service a 15 minute radius around your business location.

Why go with Tuk Tuk

  1. We are a fully managed Tuk Tuk advertising company
  2. We get an effective stylish Tuk Tuk sign made
  3. We manage and pay the Tuk Tuk drivers
  4. We make sure your Tuk Tuk sign is current, clean and looking sharp!

We have a Marketing & Sales Team that promote participating businesses on our Social Media outlets.

  • We produce Brochures with our Client’s Business Listings
  • Facebook Ads
  • Extensive network of Tuk Tuks

It does not good to have a sign on a Tuk Tuk 45 minutes on the other side of town, nor does it make sense to have your Tuk Tuk with sign parked directly in front of your business.

You might not have known it but yes indeed Phnom Penh DOES have zip code areas in the different Sang Kats.


Map of Phnom Penh


By name

List of Phnom Penh Postal Codes